Tyrannosaur fun on the streets of Winnipeg

Winnipeggers could not help but notice lately the presence of a new very special fellow: a tyrannosaurus named Conrad.

The inflatable dinosaur moved to Manitoba after being seduced by urban landscapes, sounds and activities of its capital city. The king of the ancient reptiles has already been spotted sleigh gliding Assiniboine Park and shaking ass on the ice rink skate Wheelies.

“I think we’ll go fishing. It would crampant to see a Tyrannosaurus trying to grind his grip with her tiny arms, “said the human homologue of Conrad, Sean Piper.

The Winnipeggers bought an inflatable dinosaur costume Tyrannosaurus in a Halloween store in October. A friend gave to suit the nickname Conrad, and the inflatable dinosaur came alive his own personality.

“We will bring see places and do things that we believe it would,” says Sean Piper.

“There are more and more videos [inflatable dinosaur costume] on the Internet. They figure skating, parkour, workouts, everything. I’d like Conrad is part of the movement, “he says.

Most wonderful of all, according to Mr. Piper, what are the reactions of people seeing a dinosaur wander.

By summer, Sean Piper hopes his prehistoric friends will find other companions tyrannosaurs.

“I think it would be great to have a large gathering of tyrannosaurs doing everyday activities or gentle pranks, and register the reactions and the smiles of the people,” he concluded.